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Freight transportation by road

Attractive price of transportation in Europe and Asia

Cargo transportation is inevitable in today's world, thus it is important to have reliable business partners providing transportation services.

The main activity of the "Seana Group" Ltd. is the transportation of various cargoes in Europe, Asia, and the CIS countries, using various types of motor transport.

The company transports cargoes by:

  • tent trailers (82–92 sq. m volume);
  • road trains (114–120 sq. m volume);
  • refrigerated semitrailers (86 sq. m volume).

Rent of motor transport for transportation of cargo is especially popular due to the easy preparation of cargo transfer documentation, and the access of cargo delivery from door to door. Moreover, compared with other transportation modes, transportation of cargo by motor transport is relatively cheap.

Logistics specialists make up the best transportation plan, thus ensuring the maximum delivery speed for the lowest price.

"Seana Group" Ltd. also easily organises transportation of not only partial, but also of non-standard cargoes. The company will take care of the transportation of oversized and hazardous cargo in the direction that you have chosen.

Freight transportation in Europe

Although cargo transportation in the European countries is easier due to the laws valid in the Schengen area, but when transporting cargoes by motor transport in Europe, it is important to choose the most appropriate route and to evaluate other factors that influence the transportation. "Seana Group" Ltd. constantly organises trips to European countries, therefore, due to the constantly optimised routes you can easily transport your cargo into and from the selected European country.

Cargo transportation to and from Russia

"Seana Group" Ltd. has a vast experience in cargo transportation to and from Russia, that is why it can ensure not only universal safety of the cargo and quick delivery of the cargo, but will also help to resolve any customs-related issues. The company provides customs clearance services for cargoes to be transported to and from Russia.

Cargo transportation to and from Belarus

One of the most popular charter cargo transportation routes: to and from Belarus. The experience of "Seana Group" Ltd. specialists allows to organise rapid and cheap transportation. The company also takes care of customs clearance in this region.

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