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Freight transportation by air

Safe and fast transportation of any cargo to a chosen country of the world

Freight transportation by air is a modern, fast and safe way to transport various types of cargoes.

"Seana Group" Ltd.  Air Transportation Department organises the transportation of cargo by regular passenger transport, freight and charter flights in all directions of the world.

Due to a very high level of air transport safety, air transportation is recommended for expensive cargoes. On request, the company insures the cargoes, therefore, the customers do not need to additionally go to an insurance company, and they can feel confident about the safety of their cargo.

Non-standard cargoes are also transported by air: industrial machinery and electrical equipment, food products and chemicals, expensive, perishable, fragile and dangerous cargoes, as well as animals.

For the customers' convenience we also provide additional services related to cargo transportation by air:

  • cargo delivery to and from the airport;
  • cargo service (weighing, marking, documentation clearance);
  • organisation of customs procedures at the airport before the departure and on arrival;
  • additional insurance of expensive cargo.

Cargo transportation by air is the fastest way to transport cargoes to any point of the world. Different types of cargoes, however, must be transported under special conditions, thus the qualified logistics specialists of "Seana Group" Ltd. apply a very strict quality policy allowing to avoid any potential problems. The cargo shall be tranported from door to door.

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