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Additional services

Cargo transportation without additional concerns: packaging, marking, transshipment, storage, and insurance

Having regarded the needs of its customers, "Sean Group" Ltd. also provides additional services required during transportation of cargo.

Provision of additional services allows customers to feel safe after just one phone call.

  • Suggested cargo insurance. Customers do not need to address an insurance company, therefore, regardless of the value of cargoes, "Sean Group" Ltd. helps to insure the cargoes.
  • Proposed bulky cargo transshipment and storage. If necessary, the customer's cargoes are to be stored not only in the "Sean Group" warehouses situated in Lithuania. The company organises storage of cargoes in foreign countries as well, thus, even in other countries, the customers' cargoes are safeguarded by reliable business partners.
  • Cargo packing and marking. Customers only need to report where and when to pick up the cargo, and where it should be delivered. The additional packaging and marking service provided by professional employees help clients avoid a variety of concerns. Professional packing facilitates transportation by ensuring greater safety, and the customer does not need to be concerned about packing materials. Customers save time and money.

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