Complete package of transportation services from trusted hands

"Seana Group" Ltd. provides a wide range of transportation services and handles the transportation of customer's cargo by land, air and water transport to and from all the countries of the world.

Company activities:

  • Freight transportation by motor transport;
  • Freight transportation by air;
  • Freight transportation by sea;
  • Freight transportation by railway;
  • Transportation of partial cargoes;
  • Transportation of hazardous cargoes;
  • Transportation of oversized cargoes;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Cargo transshipment and storage services.

Why do customers trust the "Seana Group" Ltd. team?

  • Wide range of services. The company organises transportation of cargoes by various means of transport, thus taking care of all customer's cargoes.
  • The activity is carried out at a global extent. The company is not limited to merely Lithuania, Europe and several Asian countries. Transportation is carried out all over the world, therefore, the cargoes reach the destination target quickly and inexpensively.
  • Additional services package. "Seana Group" Ltd. helps customers to solve non-standard problems as well: takes care of the documentation, transshipment, storage, and provides cargo insurance services.
  • Pleasant and quick service is the company's priority. The employees understand the price of time in business, that is why they pleasantly serve the customers in order to resolve their emerging concerns as soon as possible, and to take care of transportation of cargo important for them.