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Professional transport services all over the world, in all directions


Looking for a reliable business partner? "Seana Group" Ltd. will take care of your important cargo transportation in Europe, Asia, CIS countries and countries of other continents.

The company transports freight of various dimensions and types by land, water and air transport, therefore, your freight will reach the required point in the shortest time. 

  • The optimal freight transportation plan ensuring fast delivery and reasonable shipping cost is developed.
  • The shipping conditions are considered with a great deal of responsibility, thus safe transportation is our company's priority. On customer's request, we insure cargoes.
  • We believe that provision of quality transportation services begins with a pleasant and timely attendance. We will fully and promptly answer any questions you may have!
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Freight transportation by road

The main activity of the company is organisation of all kinds of freight transportation by motor transport in Europe, Asia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States.

Considering the peculiarities of freight-related laws of different countries, the qualified "Seana Group" specialists organise transportation of cargo by tent trailers, road trains and refrigerated trailers.

  • All our cars have CMR insurance policies;
  • The company has the Forwarder's Liability Insurance;
  • We also transport partial, hazardous and oversized cargo.
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